Google Integration

+ Google Domains: Setup your company's phone directory with one-click import of you Google domain's groups and employees

+ Google Calendar: Ginza Phone can be setup to forward incoming calls to voice mail when your Calendar says you're busy

+ Google Contacts: Ginza Phone integrates with your online address book for fast & accurate dialing

+ Google Docs: Export detailed call & receive logs driectly into Google Docs

+ Google Mail: Ginza Phone integrates with your Gmail, for easy-fast-one-click dialing (Coming soon)

Phone Features

+ Instantly create new Toll Free or Local phone numbers.

+ Receive calls from anywhere. Optional settings provide you with information about caller's city, state, number, and the called number.

+ Place calls to anywhere in the world.

+ Create department and employee extensions.

+ Create direct lines.

+ Detailed call logs with time, caller id, geo location, call duration, and contact lookup.

SMS Features

+ Easy sending of SMS / text messages.

+ Receive SMS / text messages by email.

+ Configure who to receive incoming messages.

NOTE: Currently we only have support for US inbound / outbound text messaging.

Batch & Automated Calling

+ Ginza Phone supports allows you to call or text a large number of phone numbers through a Google Spreadsheet.

+ Gather responses right back into the spreadsheet.

+ Configure text-to-speech or your own audio file.

+ Multiple language support.

Voice mail features

+ Listen to Voice Messages online.

+ Email notifications

+ Automatically checks your calendar and forwards to Voice Mail when you're busy.

Fax features

+ Fax support in Ginza Phone has been improved but made into a separate app. See Ginza Fax